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Around the campsite : Bibracte

In the heart of the Morvan, on the border of the departments of Nièvre and Saône-et-Loire, discover Bibracte, the former Gallic capital installed on one of the highest peaks in Burgundy.

Excavated every year since 1984, the site has yielded architectural remains, objects and fragments which help to clarify the portrait of the Gauls at the end of the Iron Age.

The museum, located on the slopes of Mont Beuvray, presents the results of research on Bibracte and offers temporary exhibitions and a program of diversified activities for the whole family!

Archaeological excavation sites

Go back 2000 years of history and visit the sites of archaeological excavations, carried out by several European universities.

Abandoned shortly after the Roman conquest, the town of Bibracte was rediscovered and intensely excavated in the second half of the 19th century.

It has become one of the main reference sites for Celtic archaeology. It is an emblematic place in national history, where several major episodes of the Gallic war took place: the first decisive battle, the proclamation of Vercingetorix as leader of the Gallic coalition, and finally the writing by Julius Caesar of his " Commentaries on the Gallic Wars”.

The museum

Dedicated to Celtic civilization, you will discover the daily life of the Gauls, the phenomenon of the appearance of cities throughout Europe and the work of archaeologists, thanks to objects, models and two digital spaces that have seen the day as part of the “Digital Gallery” regional project.

These devices allow you to discover the many facets of the archaeological site located on Mont Beuvray by flying over the history and evolution of the oppidum on an animated 3D model or by leading your own journey on an interactive map where everyone becomes an actor in their exploration site. Also, each year a temporary exhibition presents a site or a theme linked to the archeology of the Iron Age.

Today, Bibracte is an original cultural and scientific place which manages a European archaeological center where several hundred archaeologists and students from all over Europe are welcomed each year and for which a vast research program has been set up on the knowledge of the history of this city, from its birth and its development until its abandonment.

At the restaurant “Le Cauldron”

You will take advantage of your meal to discover the ingredients of Gallic housewives and the utensils used to prepare them: an original taste experience that will allow you to discover archeology in the kitchen in a gourmet way. This playful meal can be accompanied by the essential cervoise, brewed exclusively for Bibracte.

But Bibracte also offers many activities for the whole family to take full advantage of a remarkable natural site, labeled "Grand Site de France": archeology discovery workshops for children, guided tours of the archaeological site, climbing in the trees of the Mont Beuvray forest, a walk accompanied by birds of prey in the heart of a hundred-year-old forest and numerous hiking trails that will take you from clearings to belvederes overlooking the landscapes of the Morvan...