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Holidays in the Morvan region Attractions and activities

Wonderful new experiences to look forward to during your stay

Burgundy, and Morvan in particular, has much for you to explore. Whether you love nature, cultural outings, hikes or water sports, everyone will find something they love!
Take your family to visit the must-see tourist attractions in the Morvan region. The Château de Guédelon, Château de Bazoches and the towns of Autun and Avallon, with their rich histories, will surprise you. Choose a destination to suit your mood for outings surrounded by nature. Take your time enjoying the many marked hiking trails that start from our campsite and stretch across the Morvan regional nature park.
Morvan’s great lakes are also perfect places for enjoying many different activities: nature trail walks, bike rides, swimming, paddleboarding, kayaking and more.


Bibracte archaeological site A journey back to the time of the Gauls

Overlooking the Morvan plateaux, Bibracte takes you back to the time of the Gallic civilisation and the Aedui. Visit this Celtic archaeological dig site and travel back in time to when Vercingetorix and Julius Caesar lived. Explore the museum, savour the Gallic cuisine, and enjoy hikes in the heart of Mount Beuvray forest. You’ll love this outing!

basilique vezelay
Churches of Saint Père and Vézelay

Close to Saint Pères sous Vézelay, where you can see the Notre Dame de Vezelay church. It is a real gem of Burgundian Gothic art. Built from the 13th to the 15th century, it is dedicated to the Virgin. It only became a parish church in the 16th century, succeeding the old Saint Pierre church, the ruins of which are at the southern exit of the village. Fifty meters high, the 13th century bell tower has angels ringing the olifant at the four corners of the tower.

The excavations of the Fontaines Salées are an archaeological site of prime importance. These excavations have brought to light a vast spa complex from the Gallo-Roman period, due to the presence in the basement of permanent sources of mineral water. Also worth visiting are the caves of Arcy sur Cure.

Autun, A must-visit town in Burgundy

When you visit Autun, you will discover the riches passed down through history reaching back to Gallo-Roman times. From the Janus temple to the Roman amphitheatre, cathedral, half-timbered houses, and lake, this town nestled in the Morvan foothills is enchanting.

Château Chinon Ville©LeMorvandiau
Château Chinon

11 kilometers from Château Chinon where you can discover its museums (costume museum and museum of François Mitterrand's septennat), as well as the mobile fountain of Niki de Saint Phalle and Jean Tinguely which is one of the three fountains of this type in the world .

chateau bazoches
Château de Bazoches, Vauban’s family property

Château de Bazoches is a listed historical monument, standing majestically halfway up a forested hill in the Morvan region. It was Vauban’s family property and also served as a design office. A visit of the estate transports you into the world of this great man who was known for his impressive architectural military designs.

Avallon, A fortified town to explore in the Morvan region

Overlooking the Cousin valley, Avallon provides an unforgettable excursion during your stay in the Morvan region. This pretty mediaeval town reveals its treasures as you wander along its historical lanes. Ramparts, half-timbered houses, turrets, outstanding buildings, terraced gardens and more, including museums and walks through its stunning scenery.

Morvan’s great lakes, Outings and activities

Where nature reveals its true splendour... Morvan’s great lakes offer an opportunity to explore the region’s must-see sites. Experience stunning scenery and peaceful places as you follow walking and cycling trails or enjoy water-based activities. You’ll have great times with your loved ones and friends!

Château Fort de Guédelon, A mediaeval adventure for the family

Nestled in the heart of Guédelon forest, this fortified castle holds many surprises. Experience the adventure of some forty workers toiling to build a fortified castle with the techniques and materials used in mediaeval times. Discover the trades of builders in the Middle Ages as well. A must-see attraction! 

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