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Eco-friendly campsite in Burgundy Our eco-friendly commitments

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Camping in the Morvan region In harmony with nature

Located in Morvan, the ‘green lungs’ of the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region, Camping La Fougeraie boasts an outstanding setting that must be protected.
Camping is a true lifestyle that embraces togetherness and wellbeing. That is why our team’s focus is on managing the campsite grounds and business. Our goal is to protect the environment and its biodiversity. We particularly strive to give you a high quality destination where you can enjoy memorable holidays.

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Products and materials: Careful consideration

Our eco-friendly campsite chooses products and materials with no lasting environmental impact whenever possible. For building and landscaping (including stone, gravel and wood), we prefer to engage local companies and use short supply chains. We also limit our environmental impact by using eco-certified or European Ecolabel products (cleaning and sanitary products, paints, toilet paper, etc.).

eco responsable eau fougeraie

Controlled water use

Water is a precious natural resource and we take particular care in using it. To minimise wastage, our eco-friendly campsite has installed:

  • Showers with flow restrictors
  • Time flow taps
  • Taps with flow restrictors
  • Washing machines that use less water
  • A swimming pool with lower water consumption
eco responsable energie fougeraie

More eco-friendly lights

Power consumption management forms a core part of our eco-friendly commitments. That is why all of the lights at our eco-friendly campsite are energy-saving LEDs. Our holiday rentals are also fitted with LEDs. 

eco responsable dechets fougeraie

Optimising Waste recycling

Continuing our eco-friendly initiatives, we optimise our recycling of natural and other materials. This includes:

  • Plant clippings and tree cuttings are recycled in the compost
  • Old deck planks are used to build fences
  • Used water from the swimming pool is stored, then the chlorine is removed and the water used to water plants

We recycle many different materials depending on the maintenance and construction work required around our grounds.

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