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Chalets open all year round

Carpodrome Of the Etang de la Fougeraie

In order to guarantee you a great carp fishing trip, we regularly carry out stockings at the Fougeraie carpodrome in Bourgogne Franche Comté. Below is the calendar for stocking carp in the campsite's fishing pond:

  • December 2021: some twenty beautiful sturgeon have joined the other fish, for even more sport fishing.
  • November 2019, we stocked with 200 kilograms of common and mirror carp between 5 and 8 kilograms, 20 kilograms of red/white and black fish between 100 and 150 grams and 20 kilograms of the same fish between 30 and 100 grams.
  • November 2013, we introduced to the carpodrome 250 kilos of carp between 6 and 9 kilos as well as 20 kilos of goldfish of 100 grams.
  • October 2011, stocking of 300 kilos of common and mirror carp and 50 kilograms of tench of 200 grams.
  • November 2008: we introduced, at the opening of the carpodrome in 2008, more than 900 kilograms of common and mirror carp, in addition to those already present in the pond:
    • 800 kilograms of mirror and common carp from 1 to 3 kilos
    • about ten fish of about 8 to 10 kilos
    • no longer a surprise for amateurs who will have the chance to touch it!


Camping fishing regulations to be respected

Day pass : 12€
. Weekly pass for campsite guests: 40€.

All the fish comes from France, from fish farms as close as possible to the campsite.

peche fougeraie


  • 1 rod* 4m with a carp line (fiberglass)
  • 1 full landing net*
  • 1 landing mat*


  • Carp rod 5m* with elastic assembly (carbon hm): +15€ and compulsory deposit of 100€
  • Carp rod * 9.5m with fitting (hm carbon): +€30 and compulsory deposit of €200
  • Complete climb line: €3.50

*Any breakage will be charged at the price of the value of the equipment (price in store or ask at reception)