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An Eco-Responsible Camping In Burgundy in the Morvan

Camping is above all an art of living, an idea of ​​sharing with others and a vision of well-being in harmony with nature. This is what you will find when you come to stay at Camping Etang de la Fougeraie in Bourgogne Franche Comté.

Quite naturally, our 3-star campsite is managed with eco-responsibility. What could be more normal, given that we are in the Morvan, the green lung of the beautiful Bourgogne Franche Comté region.

Our green campsite is also located in a Natura 2000 area where it is essential to preserve the natural environment, to protect and preserve the natural environment and biodiversity, in order to leave a healthy legacy for our children and future generations.

For more than ten years we have been managing the La Fougeraie campsite with an idea of ​​preserving nature, in order to offer you the best possible stay while respecting this magnificent unique place for Eco-tourism holidays.

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The origin and nature Of the materials used in our Morvan campsite

We are committed to using only products and materials that have no lasting environmental impact, in 95% of cases. If a solution put in place should have an impact, we make every effort to reduce the negative effects and eventually seek its replacement, depending on the developments and progress of our society.

We favor short circuits and work as much as possible with local companies, such as the Moulins-Engilbert quarry (providing us with the stones and gravel necessary for the maintenance of traffic lanes and parking spaces; this company is ISO 14001 certified) , because obviously bituminous coatings are excluded from our establishment.
For everything related to wooden constructions and fittings, we only use Douglas wood from the Morvan forests and we mainly work with the sawmill company Martin de Château Chinon. By using Douglas fir, we greatly reduce the environmental impact because this very good quality wood does not require any treatment to resist time and aging due to the climate (rain, sun, snow and frost).

Cleaning, shower and toilet paper products are at least eco-certified or European Eco-Label.

The cleaning products for the premises and those used in the kitchen at the restaurant are all eco-certified or Eco-Label (except for food contact disinfectants for regulatory and health safety reasons).

The paints used on the site are all Eco-Label.

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Our actions for the environment And natural resources within our Burgundy campsite

The lighting of the entire campsite as well as the rental units is low-consumption LED and for some toilet blocks we have waterproof neon-type lighting with 18 Watt tubes.

In order to control and preserve the natural resource of water, we have set up a vast program aimed at drastically reducing water wastage throughout the campsite:

  • the water points are with “presto” type timed push buttons
  • the showers in the sanitary facilities are all fitted with flow limiters (maximum 12 litres/minute).
  • The washbasin taps are either presto stop with time flow, or presto with double time flow and flow limiter.
  • WC flushes are dual-flow or stoppable flow in all shared toilets and rental toilets.
  • The faucets of the sinks and sinks of all the rentals are equipped with flow regulators ensuring a consumption of 5 liters per minute.
  • the rental showers are equipped with the latest generation shower head, offering good comfort of use and a maximum consumption of 8 liters of water per minute.
  • professional-type washing machines ensure a maximum consumption of 80 liters of water per wash cycle.
  • The swimming pool (in addition to being accessible to people with reduced mobility) ensures reduced water consumption; indeed it contains only 46 m3 of water, which is a much lower capacity than traditional pools of the same size.
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Our vision for the recycling Of various types of waste in our Morvan campsite

Green spaces are mowed with mulching mowers. This allows the clippings to be left on the ground, and the soil to continue to live and develop naturally without the addition of fertilizer, while maintaining a certain humidity. Tree prunings and clippings are recycled on our compost pile for future use.

We reuse materials as much as possible: for example, the floors of terraces or tents, once useless, are recycled into barriers on pitches or in areas to be secured.

The technical boxes and their supports are all made with materials that we have recycled from old installations (the stakes for the satellite antenna supports and the electrical distribution boxes come from old unusable tents, the supports for the electrical boxes and water points are old tent floors in Douglas du Morvan...)

The water leaving the swimming pool is stored in 2 tanks of 2 m3, each for a period of 48 hours, which allows the total consumption of residual chlorine. We can then water our plantations if necessary or discharge this water into the natural environment because it does not present any danger or chemical product.

It is obvious that these examples are not exhaustive, depending on the work and various daily maintenance we recover and reuse many other materials.

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