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Chalets open all year round

The Restaurant at Camping Fougeraie In the Morvan near Château Chinon

Who says campsite obviously says Restaurant, you will find within our Burgundian campsite a wide range of catering. Whether you are on the campsite on vacation or whether you come from Château Chinon, Moulin Engilbert, Onlay, Arleuf or even Sermages or Dommartin (or elsewhere!) we will welcome you with pleasure in order to make you discover our Burgundian cuisine of Morvan inspiration and quality.

As the restaurant is open to everyone, do not hesitate to book your evening, we are open from April to the end of September.
Phone: +33(0)3 86 85 11 85
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We offer several menus and formulas, depending on the season.

From April to June you can discover local cuisine through our complete menus (a different main course each day) concocted and prepared by the chef with dishes and ingredients often referring to local and specialty cuisine, as well Burgundian than Morvandelle.

Examples of our recipes according to the days, the seasons and the Chef's inspiration:

  • Welsh from Morvan; revisited recipe of Welsh (dish from the North of France) we prepare it with Epoisses cheese, country ham and white wine. It's a kind of gratin / fondue.
  • Boeuf Bourguignon Fougeraie style; dish inseparable from the best Burgundian tables, revisited by the chef and of course based on Charolais beef, an essential meat on the tables of Château Chinon and Morvan.
  • Cote de Veau Fougeraie; the chef went to Franche Comté to create this specialty of the campsite restaurant. He replaced the Franc Comtois ingredients with Regional cheese which is none other than the delicious Epoisses cheese, a local ham and of course a white wine from the production of one of the Protheau de Meursault estates (in the Cote d 'gold).
  • Chicken supreme with mushroom cream. A great classic of the tastiest.
  • Whole trout or trout fillet (depending on availability) and its Sorrel sauce. Made in gentle cooking, you can discover or rediscover the pleasure of tasting a fish that has become a classic of the best tables.
  • Lasagna in the oven, of course a slightly revisited preparation to bring an even more original softness. It is a rather hearty dish that will satisfy all gourmands.
  • D'ARGOAT Free-Range Pig Rib (Red Label) with Mustard Sauce; you are facing a challenge: indeed these pork chops are at least 300 grams... to discover absolutely.
  • The traditional but no less famous Moules Frites with a unique recipe concocted by the Chef... it's a secret... an experience not to be missed!
  • Pizza evenings with an all-you-can-eat buffet; over the years, a staple of the campsite restaurant (starter and pizza buffet, and a dessert)

The Formula Piece of Charolais beef, we are in the country of Charolais, surrounded by fields and cattle of the Charolais breed... Come and taste rare quality meat, raised in the tradition of the farmers of the Morvan.

These menus are not exclusive and may vary and be enriched over the years and the inspirations of the moment. So do not hesitate to come and have a good time and a good evening with family or friends in our small family restaurant, just 11 kilometers from Château Chinon and Moulins Engilbert in the Morvan.

Our establishment being on a human and family scale, we receive groups for birthdays, cousinades, family celebrations, groups (bikers, hikers, cyclists, etc.).
Do not hesitate to contact us and we will study all the proposals, systematically adapting to your budget and especially to your desires.

We have an interior room with 30 seats and a covered terrace combining the warmth of wood and the comfort of canvas, covered and heated. This terrace also offers you a unique view of the Morvan mountains and has a capacity of 50 seats.

We wish you a good appetite around gastronomy, Burgundy and Morvan.

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