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Camping with heated pool Open from mid-June to September in the Nièvre

A swimming pool in a campsite is essential to make your holidays in Bourgogne Franche Comté unforgettable. This is why at the La Fougeraie campsite in the Morvan you will have access to this service. But to meet our desire for ecological camping, we have installed a swimming pool heated by a heat pump.

The treatment of the campsite swimming pool, to preserve the nature of the Morvan, is essentially with active chlorine and without retarding treatment or other chemical product.
The system is continuously managed by analyzer and automatic regulator. So there is never overconsumption. The water from the analyzers is reintroduced into the circulation of the swimming pool so as not to waste water.
To preserve the environment even more, our eco-responsible swimming pool is equipped with two dechloramination tanks allowing the renewal water to be stored for 48 hours. This allows the consumption of the residual clore, we can then use the water for watering the plantation.
The campsite's swimming pool has been studied and adapted to your family holidays, which is why the maximum depth is 1.40 meters, in order to offer you a fun pool where you can play at your leisure in a secure way.
We heat the pool when needed. The entire interior of the pool is equipped with an anti-panic edge with two roles: your safety and reduced water consumption to fill the pool.

For toddlers, the heated campsite swimming pool is complemented by a paddling pool.

Pool rules:

Thank you for respecting these short rules so that as many of you as possible enjoy this bathing place in a friendly atmosphere.

  • For legislative reasons, the swimming pool is reserved exclusively for customers of the campsite,
  • The heated swimming pool and paddling pool are NOT supervised, children will MUST be accompanied by their adult representative who knows how to swim,
  • Open from June to September, depending on weather conditions, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.,
  • It is forbidden to enter or exit through the emergency exits, except in cases of force majeure,
  • Shoes prohibited in the enclosure of the swimming pool, deposit them on the support installed for this purpose at the entrance of the swimming pool,
  • Compulsory shower before swimming, when entering the pool area or after using sunscreen, before bathing in the pool again,
  • Obligatory passage through the footbath before accessing the swimming pool,
  • Swim shorts and bermudas prohibited in the swimming pools (only swimsuits are allowed),
  • It is forbidden to eat or consume drinks in the enclosure of the swimming pool,
  • It is forbidden to run around the swimming pool.
  • It is forbidden to dive from the edges of the swimming pool.
  • Chewing gum are strictly prohibited in the swimming pool.
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